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Open Letter to the 751 Members of the European Parliament

                      Dear Sir, Dear Madam, 

Two new Chinese business parks in France, “EuroSity” in the centre of the country and “Terra Lorraine” near Germany and Luxembourg – may well lead to a European industrial catastrophe. Some 2,500 Chinese firms in the near future, and up to 20 000 in the long term, could be located here. They would import up to 25 to 30 million tonnes of merchandise a year, directly from Asia. This merchandise would then be wrongfully labelled “Made in France” or “Made in Europe” in order to increase its added value. It would then be shipped around Europe and exported around the world.

In this way, millions of European jobs could disappear. The final cost to taxpayers in some countries could add up to tens of billions of euros. 

Disproportionate aid; accusations of industrial spying; increasingly unfair trading circumstances, especially due to dumping… It’s up to you to draw the European Commission’s attention to citizens’ justified opposition to these two projects.

For more information, see our article in the French magazine Marianne:

"Nouvelles villes chinoises en France : un scandale industriel annoncé ?"

Respectfully yours, 

Francis JOURNOT , 

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